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No Hobbit House for Us

One day last June we looked at a house that demonstrated just how far apart Nightingale and I might be on our Forever House criteria. Two types of houses I really won’t consider are bungalows and ranch houses.  Although, I’d probably warm up to a bungalow if I knew I wasn’t stuck in it forever.  This house was a ranch which I do not like. Not only do they not do it for me in terms of curb appeal, but I also feel like Hobbit living primarily below ground.

She said the house winked at her. Upon closer inspection, it was more that the house would solve a lot of our current “problems”. It’s large enough that her family could come visit and stay with us for an extended period of time without everyone being on top of each other. The downstairs actually has an extra kitchen so it could be an in-law arrangement for my mom who will eventually have to come live with us once she loses her crapshack. It also has a rare attached garage and an amazing yard.  And it probably could double as a bomb shelter if Red Dawn ever became a reality.

It did need some updates to drag it kicking and screaming out of the 80s. The carpet needed to be replaced and the cabinets would have to be replaced, painted or color shifted. Or burned.  Burning was definitely an option.  Most of the bathrooms would need to be updated.

It also is a bit more west than even I was considering. The walkability factor just isn’t there, other than being close to Prague Cafe. It is in or adjacent to Schorsch Village.  It basically was a come-to-Jesus moment when we had to sit down and make sure we were looking for the same Forever House to live in.


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