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Jay Cutler: Please sit this one out

Oh come on, just one more week

Oh come on, just one more week

So in less than 24 hours we’ve gone from a lost season to a quarterback controversy. Well not exactly. Backup QB Josh McCown did the one thing Jay Cutler has not been able to do…win at Lambeau Field. Sure, it was against a backup quarterback. Incidentally, why do we say the QBs play against each other when they are never on the field at the same time? Until QBs start playing defense, I think we need to retire that convention.

But I digress.

The word on the street is that Cutler plans to start on Sunday against the Lions weeks earlier than originally projected. Jay, jay, Jay. Relax, buddy. Allow that groin injury to heal fully. Remember this is a hot Lions team with Ndamukong Suh, the guy who apparently thinks you owe him money or something the way he always tries to introduce you to the turf. He’ll be gunning for your….gun.

Backup QB Josh McCown is certainly not the franchise QB of the future, but we are at least in capable hands for the next game or two. In Monday’s game against the Green Bay Packers, McCown completed 22 of 41 passes for 272 yards and two touchdowns, finishing the night with a passer rating of 90.7.

Still no need to worry Jay, your job is not in danger. I know. Chicago’s favorite QB has always been the backup when the starter is struggling, and when the backup actually delivers a victory against our biggest rivals…we can be such the fanbase with the attention span of a litter of concussed kittens. Luckily, this isn’t the era of Ditka putting in Tomczak to piss off Harbaugh or was it the other way around?

What, Me Worry?

What, Me Worry?

At the very least don’t start the game. On the off chance that McCown turns into McClown, then okay, Coach Trestman can send you in. Otherwise, let that torn groin heal completely before you come back and risk re-injury. We can afford to miss you for the next game or two, we cannot afford to not have you against the better than their record indicates St Louis Rams, the make or break Dallas Cowboys and the we still got a shot Philadelphia Eagles.

Seriously Jay, don’t come back before you are truly ready. Chicago can wait another week or two.


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