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Jay Cutler here to stay and that’s a good thing

Alright, I’ve finally got enough of the bad taste from Sunday’s Bears loss to vent my spleen about Jay Cutler. He’s not going anywhere Chicago and that’s probably a good thing. I know a lot of people here think they’ve seen enough of the Good Jay/Bad Jay show to think it’s time to look elsewhere. What everyone fails to remember is the quarterback by committee years of 2002-2004 and the decade of mediocrity before that.

Here’s the thing. His first couple years here, he was running for his life because the O-line was as weaker than a marinara sauce made from Ketchup. And all those interceptions? Yes some were poor judgment and forcing something to happen. But a good number were also receivers not running the correct route or coming back to the ball when a play broke up (see running for your life).

Now that he finally has a better O-line that is young and will hopefully only improve, and he has legitimate receivers in Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall. This hasn’t been seen in Chicago since the Conway Engram days. And let’s not forget we have a tight end that can block and catch…on the same play!

If there were any chance the Bears would let Jay go before, the current state of the Defense as seen the last two Sundays make the case for locking Jay up before he has the good sense to go anywhere else.

The way I see it the Bears can franchise tag Jay and keep Josh McCown around for insurance without blowing the budget. Then they take a QB in the draft and develop him the way Green bay use to develop qbs behind Fayre. Not give him the car keys like they did to Cade McNown.

The things Cutler can do well (throw deep and make the difficult passes) outweigh the things McCown can do well (be mistake-free). Sure, McCown made some tight throws and deep passes on Sunday but that was against a Vikings Defense that was DOA.

Josh McCown would work well in the type of team of old. A stingy defense. A no non-sense offense with a durable running back or two. And a consistent special teams that is the whole package. I’m not talking just a Highlight-tape Hester like returner. I’m talking about a special teams that consistently wins the field position battle by pinning opponents back while achieving enough yards of their own to spot the no-name quarterback a short field.

Oh come on, just one more week

Oh come on, just one more week

In fact, I predict this type of team will make its way back into fashion within the next 3-4 years. There are 17 quarterbacks under contract to earn more than $13 million in 2014. And the 2014 draft is predicted to be extremely deep at the quarterback position. That means a lot of teams will be spending money on QBs. Which also means some teams will have to find other ways to make it work. For all we know, McCown will be the next Kerry Collins making a Super Bowl run on his way to retirement, but not for the Chicago Bears.

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