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Chicago Bears Interesting Statistic for 2013 Season

When I was a young lad, I wanted every team that beat the Bears to miss the playoffs that year. Some years, that would have required canceling the post-season. With today’s Bear’s game against the Green Bay Packers putting it all on the line, let’s look back at the season so far.

Teams that beat the Bears

St Louis                    Washington
Lions                         Lions again
Philadelphia            New Orleans

The Rams and the Deadskins* slim playoff hopes were mercifully put to rest before December. Detroit beat the Bears twice and what did they get for their trouble? Eliminated from the playoffs via their own self destruction.

What to say about the Vikings. They split the series but any playoff shot they had got buried in their quarterback by committee controversy.

Philly em-Bear-assed the Bears on National TV and New Orleans did a good job too, especially when Drew Brees drew veteran Lance Briggs offsides on 4th and 1, extending a drive and essentially ending the Captain Comeback reputation Jay Cutler was starting to create. Both these teams could miss the playoffs if they don’t win today.

Teams that Bears beat

Bengals            Pittsburgh
Baltimore        Dallas
Giants              Cleveland

Cincinnati lost on opening day but then went on to have a stellar season, securing a playoff berth by winning their division. Don’t get me started on the Playoff System.

Pittsburgh and Baltimore, somehow, are surprisingly still in the playoff hunt. Although a lot of things — like the cure for cancer, production of cold fusion and co-operation of Congress — have to happen in order for one of them to make it.

The Giants lost to the Bears though it was one of their best loses up to that point. They then went on to start winning and even looked like they might do a playoff run like they did in 2008.  Alas, they just couldn’t overcome their own demons.

Even Cleveland was mathematically still in the playoff hunt until the refs decided that the Patriots needed a little extra help.

And Dallas has a shot to make the playoffs if they can knock off Philly, which would help prove my theory, which is that statistically speaking, it is better for your playoff hopes to lose to the Bears. Hear that Green Bay**?

* — I refuse to use the team name.
** — yeah I also know the season ends today.


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