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A New Breed of Brain Fart

BRAINFARTI’m not 100% certain this qualifies as a type of Brain Fart but since I cannot cleverly reverse look-up what this is, I’m going to refer to this as a new kind of Brain Fart for the written word. Basically it’s when you composing a sentence and there are two or more ways to write a particular segment of the sentence.

Example 1: On other words, for a race two weeks out, it may be tempting to squeeze in a 20 miler to ease your mind, but a shorter long run will do the trick.

writer either meant to write “in other words” or “on the other hand”

Example 2: “But what precisely to they expect to get from the Europeans, let alone the U.S.?”

what they presumably meant: “But what precisely DO they expect to get from the Europeans, let alone the U.S.?” (source: if you want to see if it has been corrected).

13 Most Common Brain Farts in Human History
There are more than a couple glitches in the workings of the human brain. When one of these glitches occurs, it is sometimes described as a brain fart. Below is a list of brain farts that pretty much everyone has had one time or another.

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