Selling a Home, Two for Tuesday

Not the brightest realtor out there

Ever so often a realtor I worked with or met back when I was house hunting will reach out to me and ask if I found a house or if there is anything they can do to help.  Usually it’s an agent I met at an open house who then added me to their mailing list even though I didn’t ask them to or they offered to be my agent if the one I’m working with didn’t work out.

Today I got an email from one such agent.  He sent the following:


Interest rates are expected to rise in 2015. If you haven’t bought a property yet, now is the time ! Please call/text me at 773-4xx-4xxx

Rusty Reagan

I could ignore these but I try to be nice so I sent him the following note:

we bought a home in Nov 2012..If you happen to have a buyer for my condo, please send him our way.

And I included a hyperlink to the listing of my condo.  The very next email I get from him was:

Is your condo listed?

Not a very observant fellow but I did feel much better not letting him help me find a house.  I gave him the benefit of the doubt and replied:

yes, perhaps you didn’t notice the link  I sent, here it is again.

I already suspected how this would play out but I always love to get anecdotal proof.  He sent a reply that simply said thank you.  Which I hope means I’ll take you off my mailing list.

You’d think he would write back something like congrats on finding your home, good luck with selling your condo and if a buyer approaches me, I’ll be sure to contact your agent for a showing, both of us knowing no such thing would ever occur.   If someone were to call this guy 5 minutes after our last email and said “I’m looking for a two bedroom condo in Albany Park” I guarantee you the neurons would not fly across his brain making the connection.

The reality is realtors don’t work that way.  They rely on database searches to match clients with properties. And it’s not only too bad but extremely short sighted. Not only is there a chance that we might buy another house someday but we would definitely recommend a good realtor to our friends and relatives when they do their House-Hunting Adventures, because Good Realtors are hard to find these days. Rusty is certainly proof of that.


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