So you met that special someone this summer, perhaps at a street festival, a sporting event or even a friend’s annual 4th of July Party. You hit things off and everything is going great except you are starting to notice they have this hobby which borders on addiction.

It probably started out as a minor inconvenience. First you have to leave a Cubs game in the 7th inning because she had to get up early (no big loss), then you had to miss Sixteen Candles at Retro on Roscoe because tomorrow is Long Run Saturday, and then you found out you have to plan a weekend get-away around the infamous 20 miler.  Now that you’ve been sharing time and space on a more ongoing term basis, you suddenly that hardly noticeable hobby-addiction is becoming a third wheel.

Yes my friend, you are dating a runner!

Here are seven things you can expect to put up with when you are dating a runner.

Note:  I’m writing this from the POV of training for the Chicago Marathon where you typically start your training in June and it culminates on the Sunday before Columbus Day when you finally run that marathon.  However, this applies to other marathons and runners in general.



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Seven things to expect when dating someone training for the Chicago Marathon


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