Introducing National Closure Day

our assignment is to publish a post in one hour. Here is tonight’s challenge:

“Create a new holiday, or holidays, that you believe should exist.” This can be about anything and take place anywhere, it can be another traditional holiday, a food holiday, Congressional gridlock holiday, metaphysical holiday, Bieber holiday, world holiday, whatever you can conceive. It can be one holiday that you go into a great amount of detail about, or a list of five to 10 holidays with briefer descriptions.

My idea:  National Closure Day aka Ease Your Pain Day.  This would be a day where anyone could ask anyone else for whatever they need to bring about closure for a past trespass, pain or wrong doing.

There would have to be rules of course. First, Do No Harm.  You couldn’t claim that sleeping with some unrequited love or beating up some assclown will suddenly make your life complete.  However, you would be allowed to request that someone who turned you down or broke up with you provide you an explanation.

  • You’d be able to ask that company why they made you go through 6 interviews, but then didn’t even bother sending you a rejection letter;
  • You’d be able to ask that liberal arts college why the didn’t accept your application;
  • You’d be able to ask that boss why you were really passed up for that promotion;
  • you’d be able to ask that bully why he choose you to pick on;You’d be able to ask friend why they suddenly stop keeping in touch;
  • You’d be able to ask that girl/boy why they chose so-and-so instead of you.

And in the future, if the technology allowed, you’d be able to see what would have happened IF…

  • you had chosen Computer Science instead of Psychology;
  • you had gone to UCLA instead of Purdue;
  • you went to the army instead of the navy.

There would be the potential for everyone to find closure and healing in whatever Mystery of Life troubles them.


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