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Why I didn’t run the half marathon I trained for

march madness half marathon medal

could not earn one of these

The Ides of March came and went and I had to pass up the chance to run the March Madness Half Marathon even though the weather was perfect and I had trained fairly diligently  throughout winter.  They were even giving finisher medals, which  I don’t believe they did the last time I ran this race.  It would have been nice to add to my collection.

The plan was to spend the night in Bartlett at a relative’s home.  This served the dual purpose of seeing their new home, and maximizing my sleep before having to head out to Cary.  It was a nice opportunity to log family time and have another test run of what it is like to pack the twins up for traveling.  Unfortunately, Boris was being crabby all weekend and as it turns out with good reason.  He had a 102 fever and was up all night so I didn’t get much sleep. I also had somehow scratched my cornea and my eye was red and watering, something I hadn’t experienced since my days of contact lens (yay Lasik!).  Combine that with the fact that while I did the majority of the training, it would have been a sucky race for me.

While I never like to miss a race, this was definitely the right decision.  There would not have been any Race Day Magic or (half) Marathon Miracle in Cary that morning.  The March Madness Half Marathon is a tough course — Locals who are running the Boston Marathon usually run this race,  because not only does it usually aligns perfectly with the Boston Marathon training schedule but it is one of the few sources of hills in Illinois.  While training this winter I did manage to run more than 80% of the mileage.  However, my running form was still not effortless, like back in my heyday.

I’m not even miffed about the $50 entry fee since it will help the Cary high school cross country team out.  The only part I’m even remotely saddened about is that this year the weather was absolutely perfect and I would have been able to run in shorts.  This happens every few years but is obviously unpredictable.


Luckily for my ego, I have plenty of these

My son’s fever broke early Sunday morning and had I decided to still participate on almost zero sleep, my family would have supported that decision.  However, based on the previous week’s running, I would have probably run nonstop for two maybe three miles before having to walk and then the next 10 miles would probably have been torture.

My hope was that my training for and running of this half marathon would provide me with the necessary pseudo training for the Shamrock Shuffle in a couple of Sundays.  I can still run 5 miles but not fast or without stopping.  I guess we’ll see what happens this Sunday at the Shuffle.

stay tuned.

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