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Facebook makes it easy to not Like it

Earlier this month, Facebook began removing page likes from the Dead.  Essentially if your account was deactivated or memorialized, Facebook eliminated all your likes from the Ethernet.  This is actually a good thing because Facebook essentially distributes your posts to a small fraction of the people who like your page in order to gauge interaction.  Purging likes from closed accounts will give more accurate insights on followers,  making a distinction between accounts that have merely liked the page and people who actively follow it.  Dead people usually don’t interact.

For Pages with less than 500 likes, the effect probably wasn’t really that noticeable. I lost a handful of likes on Mysteries of Life Facebook page. Yet losing those sucks  because Page Admins like myself have worked very hard for the trickle of likes we get and to have them removed really hurts especially since Facebook has some strange reward system where the more likes you have the better your internet presence is.

It’s bad enough FB was generating fake likes with its own advertising tools

“When you make a post, Facebook distributes it to a small fraction of the people who like your page.  just to gauge their reaction.  if they engage, by liking commenting and sharing then Facebook distributes your post to more of your likes and even their friends.  if you accumulate fake likes FB initial distribution goes out to fewer real fans and therefore it receives less engagement and so consequently you reach a smaller number of people.  ”  source

The whole page thing is annoying anyway.  It seems like if you were early to the game you benefited because everyone was sharing the love and Liking the Pages but now like a lot of things, it’s so overdone and saturated that people just don’t care and act as though it’s a kidney instead of a click.

In the Email Era, one of the biggest lie people told was “I didn’t see that email”.  In the Facebook Age, people say the same about important status updates and requests such as invitations to like a page.  What really kills me is when a friend who ignored my invitation decides to create a page and invites me to like it.  WTF!  Even some current and former ChicagoNow bloggers have ignored my request.  Sniff.  Come on people, we’re all in this together.   Sad Trombone.

I’ll concede that is possible they missed the notification, perhaps buried in a bunch of others, or their security settings hide their like.  So I did an experiment.  I posted a status asking people to like if they haven’t already and changed my “notification” to only include a handful of friends.  This only yielded one or two more likes, about 5% ROI.

Then I went on a mini campaign where I FB-mailed 34 friends a personal note (as personal as cut and paste can be) asking them to like my page.  My results were:

16 new likes (roughly 50% ROI)
11 friends read but ignored
7 friends didn’t read the note*

One friend wrote back to suggest I post this in a group we both belong to…but did not like my page.  That last one really demonstrates what is wrong with the human race.  That friend has asked me many times to support her causes yet she cannot be bothered to click a button! Passive-aggressive dick!

See what I mean?  Facebook is exposing my dark side turning me into an angry mean blogger.

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