Getting It Off Your Chest

Getting It Off Your Chest: Not all friendships are balanced and equal

This segment of Getting It Off Your Chest features a situation I found myself in some time ago and I’ve struggled with moving past it, with minimal success.

Friend1 sent out an email to two mutual friends and myself.  Friend1 has access to box seats at a sporting event and we have a choice of dates but we need to jump on this pronto.  Friend2 writes back (to all) that either date is good for him.  I write back (to all) stating that the first date won’t work but I am available for the second date. Now the fun begins.

About 12 hours later Friend3 chimes in.  He responds to the email from Friend2 and suggests the first date because he will be out of town for the second date.  Friend1 says he’ll check to see if that date is still available and asks if I can make it.  I check and confirm what I already knew: I cannot get that day off of work.  Somehow the date that worked for me was forgotten and Friend2 got to go to the event.  Did friend3 not see my email?  Unknown.  Did friend3 manipulate the situation so he could go?  Also unknown.

Do friend1 and Friend2 have the smallest penises in the world for pretending not to notice what Friend3 did?  Absolutely.  Either one of them could have simply replied to Friend3‘s email and said “hey what about what Icarus said regarding his availability?”  Instead they dropped back to watch and see how it would play out.


I once read somewhere that friendships are a healthy balance of give and take.  They are not necessarily 50-50 all the time, but they should average to be something more than one person taking advantage of the other.  I should also note that in the half decade I knew these friends, we always got together for everyone’s birthdays. Well, except that in those five years we went 5 for 5 for Friend1 and Friend2 birthdays, 3 for 5 for Friend3 birthday and 1 for 5 for guess who’s birthday!  By some amazing coincidence, everyone was always free or able to get time off for everyone’s BDay except yours truly.

The purpose of Getting It Off Your Chest isn’t to bitch, whine and moan but to move on by gaining some closure.  I invite readers to share their experiences as well.


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