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Unsubscribing hell: Why won’t this old Yahoo Group let me leave

Like a lot of people, I belonged to some Yahoo Group listservs.  Hey don’t judge.  Everyone was doing it in the Noughties (or Naughties or Oughties, however you want to refer to 2000-09).  It was an easy way to keep up with common interests or hobbies without having your inbox flooded with email (if you had it set to daily digest or just visited the group’s web address.)

For the most part, those listservs have gone silent.  Other social media has taken over….  Occasionally an email still fires off, like a lost SOS or an old radio broadcast ricocheting out into space.  Usually its spam or someone asking “is this group still active” (so still spam).  And there are still a few groups that are alive but not my cup of tea anymore.  Polish Singles anyone?

yahoo group screen capture

Anyway, I halfheartedly try to unsubscribe.  It doesn’t help when you get a useless message like this one:

We are unable to process the message from <>to <>.The email address used to send your message is not subscribed to thisgroup. If you are a member of this group, please be aware that you mayonly send messages and manage your subscription to this group usingthe email address(es) you have registered with Yahoo Groups. If you would like to subscribe to this group:1. visit send email to For further assistance, please visit

You’re trying to unsubscribe and all the message offers you is instructions on how to subscribe. Yahoo, you sir are no Google.

The other problem is, like many people, I signed up with an email address that I no longer use or have access to and only get the messages because I enabled email forwarding.  The other day when I had a surplus of free time on my hands, I decided to take it a step further and log into the old email addresses ancient interface like a caveman and send an unsubscribe email.  I figured that would do it.  But no, I get this:

Hello,We have received a request from you to unsubscribe from theHolyFamilyJobSupport group.  Please confirm your request byreplying to this message.  If you do not wish to unsubscribe fromHolyFamilyJobSupport, please ignore this message.Regards,Yahoo Groups Customer CareYour use of Yahoo Groups is subject to

Oy vey.  So now my choices are to either figure out how to temporarily disable the email forwarding thing, which might break it permanently, or send a reply from my current email account.  Laziness rules the day so I replied and haven’t heard anything so only time will tell.

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