In my almost three years of blogging at ChicagoNow, I’ve seen bloggers come and go for a variety of reasons.  Some certainly move on to bigger and better things.  But others fade away  because…blogging is hard.  The Typepad, WordPress and Universe is littered with hundreds of thousands of abandoned blogs by people who have just given up.   Most of the giving up is  Because blogging is hard work.  I suspect a significant factor is the lack of audience interaction.  It can be frustrating when you feel like no one is reading your posts.

No, this isn’t one of those clichéd post about taking a sabbatical that almost every blogger spits out at one time or another.  Usually when they haven’t written published anything in a while.  I intend to vent my spleen here until the ChicagoNow Powers-That-Be™ pry my blog from my cold but properly manicured fingers.  That said, it isn’t as easy as it looks to hammer out a post after post, and publish consistently enough to keep an audience enticed and entertained.

That’s because Blogging is hard, especially at the professional level.  Yes we are professionals even if we don’t get paid in anything besides likes, shares and warm fuzzies. [Maybe I should refer to it as Commercial Blogging.]

The thing is, every now and again you need some type of connection in the form of feedback (hopefully positive).  At ChicagoNow we are lucky to have the ChicagoNow audience which is backfilled through the Tribune Ecosystem.  We also have a few built-in “warm fuzzies” that help mitigate the loneliness of blogging.


Thank you for reading and I hope you will comment below. Here’s the part where I beg for stuff because we get paid in likes, shares, re-tweets and feedback. Please also do any and all of the following:

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This Blogger Life

Small rewards help ChicagoNow bloggers fight Blogger Burnout


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