Throughout the city there are plenty of intersections where three arterial streets* intersect. What most people don’t realize is that calling any of these intersections Six Corners is likely to out you as a transplant. The intersection of Milwaukee, Cicero and Irving Park has always been referred to as Six Corners. It’s a proud name for a historic shopping district in the Northwest Side neighborhood of Portage Park neighborhood where yours truly happens to live.

* I’m assuming these three are arterial street, but I’m too lazy to look it up.

Although the shopping district has fallen on hard times in recent years, at one time it was the largest commercial center in Chicago, outside of the Loop. As a kid, my mom and grandma would drag me there for Sunday shopping.

The intersection is home to a number of prominent architecture endeavors, including the art deco Sears and Klee Buildings, the classical revival Portage Theater and the landmark Peoples Gas Irving Park Neighborhood Store.

In short, True Chicagoans generally agree that the name rightfully refers to the original Portage Park intersection.


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There Can be Only One…Six Corners in Chicago


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