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5 Simple Tricks to Extend the Battery Life Of Your iPhone

It seems everyone except my crazy aunts and racist uncles have a smart phone these days and they follow you everywhere.  Which means they are always on and always draining your battery.  If you’re a busy parent like me, you are often far away from your charger.

Here are some cool tricks to impress your friends:

5)  Lower the brightness

Can you believe a simply thing like adjusting the brightness level on your device can save battery?  As an extra bonus it makes it harder for peeping toms and nosy voyeurs to see what that text update is about.

4)  Disable Automatic Updates

Adjust your iPhone settings to shut down apps that run automatic updates even when you aren’t using them. – Watch this short video to see how.


How much can the Home Depot app really change every week?

3) Turn off Fancy Features you don’t use like Handoff, Suggested Apps And Push Notifications

Handoff sounds like a cool thing that you’d use and impress your friends by drafting a shopping list on your iPad then having it handy at the grocery store.  Or you start an email on your phone and then pick it up later with your iPad and Bluetooth keyboard.  I don’t know anyone besides Elon Musk who works that way.

You probably don’t need Spotlight Search because until I just mentioned it, you either didn’t know it existed or what it was called.


2)  What are you really using Bluetooth for?

Most likely you are using it to par with your car’s Uconnect or equivalent handsfree device.  Other than that, it’s usually a just a battery suck and really, you shouldn’t drive and talk on your phone at the same time anyway.  Turn it off.

1)  When all else fails, go to Airplane Mode

This obviously is only a last resort option when you are trying to save every ounce of battery life until you can get to a charge.  Say you’re at the mall (do people still go to malls?) running some errands and you just want to be able to use your navigation later to find your way to a friend’s house.  Flip into Airplane Mode for a short time while you finish your errands 1985 style and don’t forget to get a pair of parachute pants.

Want some more great tips to impress your friends while also saving battery juice?  Check these out.  In the meantime, I gotta help my aunts and uncles…they just got a smart phones.

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