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2015 Year in Review: half-assed edition

Every December I think about writing a year in review post but I always forget things that happened in the early part of the year (and by early I mean Jan-early Nov because, old age). This year I tried to keep a notepad file chronicling events as they occurred.  Unfortunately, while that was an improvement over relying on the old memory banks, the effort still fell short since I stopped logging in earnest in early June.

Note: I provided links where I deemed appropriate to content/sources I deemed appropriate.  I strongly encourage you to Google for yourself to find sources you may prefer.

  •  While I did a sucky job, the Tribune keeps an excellent gallery of people who passed away in 2015
  • The Charles Hebdo attacks in January.  Little did we know that in November Paris would once again experience terrorism from extremists.
  • Jackie Robinson Little League team had to forfeit its title.
  • Even in death the White Sox and the Cubs compete as Earnie Banks and Minnie Minoso left us.
  • Speaking of sports pairs, Patrick Kane and Derrick Rose get injured at roughly the same time.
  • The Mayoral race in Chicago extended to a runoff.  If the Laquan McDonald story had garnered more spotlight, the runoff might have turned out differently.
  • 19 inch snowfall was one of the largest in Chicago history.
Photo curtesy of Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

Photo courtesy of Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

Let’s not forget the really important events like The Dress — was it black & blue or white & gold?  All that proved was something I already knew:  women can distinguish between colors much better than men.  There was something about llamas on the run, which would make a pretty good name for a band.  [hat tip to Kathy Mathews at Quilting Sewing Creating  for reminding me of those.]

Some more random notes from that file:

  •  Hilary Clinton emails,
  • 47 republican senators love letter to Iran
  • On the Ides of March  Elton John Leads Boycott Against Dolce & Gabbana Over ‘Synthetic Children’ Remarks
  • March 27 Horrific plane crash / apparent mass murder in the Alps
  • Indiana and “religious freedom.”
  • Terror suspects arrested in Aurora
  • Bears sign a sketchy player

April 12th:   At the Coachella music festival on Sunday, Madonna  stunned Drake and the rest of the world when she planted a long intimate kiss big one on another celebrity also known for his first name (Drake).  Everyone is quick to remind us that Madonna is 56-year-old.

“Some of us are pausing, uncomfortably, to acknowledge that our response would have been outrage if a man had forced a woman into a kiss. Others among us know that a 56-year-old man kissing a 28-year-old woman would be referred to as no big deal.”

April 18th:   ESPN reporter Britt McHenry is the latest anti-darling of America’s collective rage after video surfaced of her being a huge twat to a tow lot employee.

Earthquake in Nepal.  Two earthquakes in the spring killed over 8,500 and also triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest that killed at least 17 people.

4/27/2015 — Protests and Riots in Baltimore because of the death of Freddie Gray.

May/2015  Duggar Scandal.  Joe Biden’s son dies.

6-1-2015  Caitlyn Jenner

Charleston shooter and the Confederate Flag

6/26/2015  SCOTUS rules marriage for all.  Some states tried to force exceptions. And Kim Davis, a county clerk, refused to issue licenses for religious reasons.  It didn’t end well for her but at least she got to meet The Pope.

August: lion gets shot, dentist gets skinned.   Cecil the lion that made your Facebook feed explode after being killed by an American dentist in Zimbabwe. The dentist regrets it. The natives of Zimbabwe, not so much.

Sept: pope visits, House Leader John Bohner retires.

That’s essentially where I stopped.  Luckily I subscribe to the Daily Skimm and was able to augment some of these as well as remember a few more items.  [hat tip to Julia Passamani at Lipstick, Lollipops and Life for turning me onto the Daily Skimm.]

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