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Why auto repairs “cost” more for a woman than for a man

IMG_0770So, apropos of nothing in particular, stop me if you’ve heard this one before.  A man backs his wife’s car into the garage and scraps the bumper.  He takes it to a body shop and they agree to spot it out for $100.  He gets the work done but doesn’t want to admit that he paid $100 for such a small job.  [Though technically a bargain when you factor in labor and supplies.]  He tells his wife it only cost $50.

A month later the wife backs her car into the same tight spot in the garage and scraps the same bumper, though not nearly as bad as the husband’s work.   She doesn’t want to tell her husband that she just damaged the same vehicle so she takes it to the same shop.  They agree to spot it out for a hundred bucks.

She assumes they are ripping her off because she’s a woman but she’s in a jam and reluctantly spends the money.

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