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Dear Chase Bank: Stop Spamming me

Every month, I get an email from my bank telling me that my statement is available online.  I also get one for my Chase Credit Card telling me that my balance and minimum due can be viewed online.  Finally, every time they tweak their site or terms of service, I get an email telling me to read the changes in their Secure Message Center.

Why the fuck don’t you just email me this information?  Not the bank statements of course.  But changes to Terms of Service?  Who the fuck cares if the Nigerian Princes read that!

I’m really annoyed that your “your payment is due” email doesn’t contain any useful information because Discover Card and Citibank emails do.  And if they have figured out how to safely relay that information to me in an email  — or avoid any liability if the info is breached —  I think you can too.

Here’s the latest thing they sent me:

chase spam

Are you fucking kidding me!  You couldn’t just send that to me in the original email?  You’re gonna make me log into my account, click over to Secure Message Center, go through two more clicks just to read a form letter with a fucking link to the actual relevant updated privacy statement!

There is a name for Emails that don’t contain any useful information.  We call that spam.  Stop it.

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