Why I love running in the rain

It’s the fourth Wednesday of the month and that means Blogapalooza where we are challenged to write a post and publish it in one hour. Here is tonight’s challenge:

(Once a month, for Blogapalooz-Hour, we are given a topic and have one hour to write about it. This month’s topic is,

“Write about something you find beautiful that you feel others may not understand”

Here’s my take:  I love to run in the rain.

According to my Athlinks profile, I’ve run over 100 races, including 22 marathons.  Which means I’ve trained in all sorts of weather.  There have been Fucktacular Hor Days and Craptastic Cold Days and Abso-blood-lutely Humid Days and everything in between.  To be fair, there are also Amazificent Goldilock Days where weather conditions are perfect.

I’ll take all the Amazificent Goldilock Days I can get but I’ll also take a few rainy runs.  Not thunderstorms or torrential downpours of course, but I rather enjoy a light drizzle or soft warm rainfall with my runs.  Often when I’m running in the rain, I think of this oldie but goodie:

The sun was shinin’
The sky was cryin’
It just tore apart
And down came the rain

An’ I was soakin’
Yea I was freezing
But I was feeling
No kind of pain

I had a vision
A revelation
I took a look inside of me
And I am a sensation

Days like these
I feel like I can change the world
Days like these
I feel like I can change the world

May be brutal
May be glory
But whatever else it is
It’s my story

And I was thinkin’
About the Indians
And how they sing true wisdom
Only comes through pain

What doesn’t kill your
Only makes you stronger
And today I’m strong enough
And anyway, I love the rain

Days like these
I feel like I can change the world

Asia – Days Like These Lyrics | MetroLyrics

There were many races were the weather was terrible and a portion of the participants (and race volunteers) bailed but I showed up.  In my heyday I ran a lot faster and there were some races that begain with dreary cloudy skies but ended with sunny warm finish line Personal Bests (PB).


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