A couple of weeks ago I had to repair a hole in our upstairs hallway.  The  reason I had to repair it is because I foolishly lost my temper and slammed my fist against the wall.  I really didn’t think I hit it that hard but apparently I caught the plaster at the right angle and caused some damage.  I suspect some of the lathe was already cracked because when I removed some of the plaster (see gallery) the lathe was cracked in multiple spots and I only hit the wall in one place.



Most modern homes have drywall.  But our house was built in 1913 and even though it has been updated throughout the years, it still has a lot of the original stain glass, woodwork and plaster walls.  Hence I couldn’t just slap on some drywall spackling and call it a day.
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DIY Quick Fix: Repairing a hole in a plaster wall


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