Now that Valentine’s Day is over and everyone who either loves it or hates it has gone back to their neutral corner, I thought I’d share a little from the romantic side of things.  In 1984 the dB’s released this thing called an Album titled Like This.  The hit single from it was Love Is For Lovers and though I didn’t hear the song until the 90s, this song summed up my love life.

Do you remember when blue was the feeling
Gray was the weather, one was the number?
Do you remember when love was for others?

Back then we didn’t have an easy way to look up the lyrics of a song.  You had to buy the album and hope they lyrics were in the jacket.  I thought the line was Grey was the Word, which also works.

But the point is the opening stanza really summed up Life in my 20s.  I often felt blue about not having someone special in my life.  One was my number and it always felt like all my friends had girlfriends and I was some loser who couldn’t find someone.  Honestly some of those friends were craptastic and if they could find someone, what the fuck had to be wrong with me.

From where I was standing, it seemed like everyone had this dating thing down and had no trouble transiting from first date to coupledom.  Meanwhile I just  faceplanted  hard back in my days.

And then that thing happened.  I won’t go into the dirty details since Free Fun Friday is meant to be uplifting.  Remember Chicago how you felt when Reggie Bush taunted Brian Urlacher in the end zone of the NFL Championship game?  It was like that.   I drew a line in the sand and said enough.  And the next day, everything was pretty much the same.  But it was also the beginning of the path that would eventually lead me to meeting my wife Nightingale.

Now every day is like summer vacation
Christmas and birthday rolled into one day
Now every night is a special occasion
Where does it all end? Maybe next someday

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