My 3 Justifications for Procrastination

I usually procrastinate for one of two reasons. The first is that I really don’t want to do something I have to do, but cannot get out of doing it so I put it off as long as possible.

The second reason is, I do it as a challenge. In my former life as a paralegal, I had reach a point where there was just nothing to learn and no where to go. Nothing I did required much brain power, it was just manage paperwork and jump at attorney commands. In order to keep myself engaged, I would often wait until the last minute to start on something just to have the challenge of getting it done on time.

Recently I discovered another reason I procrastinate.    In my line of work I sometimes have to do tasks that are painful and useless.  This happens a lot in Corporate America where you are assigned tasks that are so mind numbing and boring that your brain literally tries to escape out your ears.  And my reward for finishing the task is: I get assigned another painful and useless task.


Do you procrastinate?  If so, how do you justify it?

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