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CPS Proposed Acceptance Letter Graduation Requirement insane, out of touch

Mayor Rahm Emanuel obviously isn’t looking to run for a 3rd term.  Otherwise he would reconsider or seriously revamp a plan requiring high school graduates to have a post high school plan.

“Starting with next year’s freshman class, in order to receive their high school diploma, all CPS students would have to show an acceptance letter to a four-year university, a community college, a trade school or apprenticeship, an internship, or a branch of the armed services.”

update 4/6/2017:  It appears this plan isn’t officially implemented and is still  in the planning stages.

This sounds like something someone who hasn’t been in high school for centuries thought up.  Or doesn’t have any friends with diverse life situations.  What if you don’t know what you want to do after high school and want a Gap Year?  Sucks to be you Malia Obama.

So what if you don’t get accepted to college?  Are you forced to join the military?  How many kids are gonna fake an internship to Vandelay Industries?

Know who wouldn’t have to abide by this requirement?   Private schools, Religious schools, Charter schools and I suppose Home schooled kids.  And let’s not forgot, Mayor Emanuel sends his kids to private school.

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