Two for Tuesday

The Delorean Paradox

I’m going to define a new thing — or maybe take credit for something someone else has already thought of — called the Delorean Paradox.  The Delorean Paradox is when someone says something that can only be proven with a time machine.


Example1: A realtor says “oh you should have listed with me, I would have got you a higher price.”

Example2: If Bernie Sanders ran against Trump, he would be President right now.

The NFL draft is a bedrock of examples.

Example3:They should have pick this person instead because he went on to be successful in Other Teams offense, or

Example4:so-and-so would still have been available in a later pick.

If it isn’t obvious, not only are most of the things unprovable but they are usually bullshit.  So the next time you are at a dinner party and someone says something that can only be proven with the ability to travel back in time and change events, say to them: “Hey that’s the Delorean Paradox!”

And if you see something like that in the comments section, be sure to drop the link to this post there when you call them out on their B.S.

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