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Friday Night Ritual: Ordering Pizza

Tonight if all the stars align, I will pick up my kids from daycare, swing around to catch my wife at the El station, circle back to the pizza parlor to pick up an extra large cheese & sausage from Bacci.   More than likely though, my wife will be running late, or even early, and that will throw the timing off a bit.  Worse case is Nightingale has to take a bus from the train station while I keep Boris and Natasha from eating all the Za.

we alternate between frozen Home Run Inn pizza and ordering from nearby local restaurants.

we alternate between frozen Home Run Inn pizza and ordering from nearby local restaurants.

If everyone’s mood is good and Mother Nature co-operates, we get some playtime in the backyard for the kids to burn off any left over energy. Then bath and bedtime.

If wifey and I have any energy, we’ll watch some TV and plan the weekend shopping: either a Costco Run or a Peapod delivery.  I’m not sure if this is the weekend we attempt to interact with other humans or just stay home.

It doesn’t seem too long ago that my routine was completely so different.  I would likely be training for some marathon which meant Saturday was a Long Run day (double digit mileage).  So a good night’s sleep was paramount to having a good run.  Unfortunately, I was also always working on Project End Singledom with various degrees of success.  That meant giving in to the temptation to go out with friends in hopes of meeting someone.  I wish I could have back most of those wasted Friday Nights.  I might just have had a better marathon training experience and maybe even qualified for Boston.

Those days seem a lifetime ago and I don’t miss them.  Oh and hey, as our kids get older, here is what we have to look forward to.  Of course I’ll take all of that to the alternative.

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