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Three bad luck moments that happened at the best time

I refer to this as the Crisis Of the Week, or COW for short. It may not be earth shattering or life threatening, but it generally consumes 80% of your attention. It may not even be an entire week’s length of time. I guess there could be other permutations as well such as:

  • COD – Crisis of the Day
  • COM – Crisis of the Month
  • COY – Crisis of the Year

Lot’s of possibilities.

Then the thing passes. Finals come and go. The deadline arrives and then ends. The breakup occurs. Maybe things were a disaster or maybe they weren’t as bad as they seemed. Whatever happened, the next thing you know, there’s a new new thing on your radar to replace the thing that passed.

Recently my wife and I had three little COWs.  Note: some of these events occurred in the distant past but I only just now got around to publishing this post. 

First COW: my car battery died. My wife was going to pull the car out of the garage into the drive way so we could put spare child car seats in it. But the battery was dead.

Silver lining: we discovered the problem on Sunday of Labor Day weekend instead of Tuesday as I was heading to work.

Second COW: Our not quite 1 year old twins developed hand, foot and mouth disease (I like to say Hoof and Mouth disease for humans). This meant we had to keep them home from daycare — which we still have to pay for!

Silver lining: This happened the Tuesday after Labor Day and we were going out of town the following Friday, which means we only had to scramble for three days instead of a typical week of five.


Third COW: I paid our Home Depot bill twice! This is because I schedule the payment from the Home Depot account and it withdraw from my account, then I also paid it directly from our Joint account.

Silver lining: While $200 is nothing to sneeze at, we will survive being down $200 this month. We will likely buy something else at Home Depot and it will cancel out or eventually HD will send us a check because they are designed to float a balance for all eternity.

The takeaways from this are: 1) it’s never as bad as you think, and 2) while at the time these events occurred, they seemed catastrophic, I can guarantee neither I or my wife even remember how stressful those events were, because they have long since been replaced by other COWs and then more COWs along with a few CODs, COMs and even a COY for good measure.

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