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Cleaning out my Saved Items on Facebook

If you don’t know, Facebook has this feature that lets you save things. Maybe it’s a video you cannot play at the office but want to listen to at home. Or an article you want to share but not from your phone because you want to type a lengthy paragraph that includes your Thinky-thoughts on the subject and a phone keyboard is just too new aged for your multi-decade hands.

captureI have 99+ items saved. most of them are things I thought would be good fodder for my Mysteries of Life Page. Others are things I wanted to have handy when someone attempts to sum up a complex issue with a MEME.

But there are problems with this feature. For one thing, There is no search feature.  It is very hard to find something unless you just saved it like 5 minutes ago. Organize things into Collections helps, but it is still a mess trying to find anything or scroll to the very end.

Also, UNSAVING is a bit of a challenge. I access Facebook from the website on a laptop, from my FB app on my iPad and from my FB app on my Samsung Phone. All three have slightly different user experiences.  Some of those experiences change weekly.

For instance,  if I’m within a collection, I cannot delete/unsave an item from my phone or via the website.  I have to find it in the general Save Items bucket.  On my iPad, I am able to unsave regardless of where I am, or at least I could last week.  Haven’t tried it in a while.

As I said, I’m trying to clean out my Saved Items.  So the one I have for Easter will be gone soon.  So will the 10 I have for Future Marvel Comics related posts.  Unfortunately, the 14 I have saved for Halloween and Christmas are gonna linger for a few months.  I also have to work through my Read Later bucket, although if I thought it was worthy of reading later, I probably also think it’s worthy of sharing.

I wish there were a way to Select All and delete and start over.  Luckily I will be on a long drive for Easter and can probably just delete them one by one to pass the time, as long as I have good cellular coverage.

Stay tuned.


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