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COVID-19: Does Anybody Really Know What Day It Is?

Like most of the world, we are shuttered in trying to avoid the COVID-19 virus.  I don’t have any unique hot takes or thinky-thoughts that anyone else hasn’t already shared.  I just want to write something for future alien anthropologists that explore our post-apocalyptic planet to consume.

Although I started trying to write this weeks ago, we are now at week three of staying at home.  I work from home 100% so that is not a huge transition for me.  But having my wife and kids home 24/7 are.  I very used to having alone time.  I also used breaks between meetings and work to get some minor things done around the house.  Other than laundry that isn’t happening at the moment.   My kids are going stir crazy having watched all the screen content they can.  The biggest challenge has been trying to stay in some sort of routine.  I try to get the kids dressed every day and if the weather is nice, we can at least play in the backyard.

We self-isolated a bit early.  We kept Moose and Squirrel home from what would be the last day of school (March 16).  We didn’t let our daughter go to Martial Arts classes, even though she was training for a trophy.    We canceled the cleaning lady although we have offered to pay her for that first Saturday.  My wife has gone out for grocery shopping only twice since Social Distancing, and once since Sheltering in Place.  Fortunately, we were relatively stocked up before this all occurred.

When this first began, I was surprised to find I had friends on both ends of the political spectrum who were talking it very seriously and also not taking it seriously enough.  In the beginning, it felt to me like the Y2K scare.  We had to use worse case scenarios to get people to take this seriously enough and change their behaviors.   That’s not to say I didn’t take precautions.  I washed my hands, avoided touching my face (I’m an outlier in that I don’t touch my face as often as everyone else claims they do).   But I didn’t quite understand the need to avoid people as much as possible, at first.

Unlike my wife, I don’t work in the healthcare field so like many ordinary people I don’t realize just how easily disease can spread.

  • Some do not get it at all.
  • Some are asymptomatic and aren’t affected but can infect others.
  • Some get it and it doesn’t kill them but it sucks.
  • Some get it and die.

No one in your Facebook feed is an epidemiologist.  We’ve gone from Social Distancing to Sheltering in Place. If this keeps up, the next step is stasis chambers.

Why did they hoard toilet paper

I think the “logic” behind stocking up on toilet paper is that Preppers and Apocalypse COSplayers and others in the know, know that Step 7 of an impending doom says to hoard toilet paper. But by the time you are near Step 7, it is too late to hoard TP. (also, we should be using Bidets but that is another subject).

Stay tuned.


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