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Mitch Tribisky, your table is waiting

Hello Mitch, or do you prefer Mitchell?  Either way, welcome to Chicago where the backup quarterback is the favorite, until he isn’t.  I know you got off to a rough start with the neurotic Bears fan base.  We want a starter under center that can be the franchise quarterback, but we don’t really want to pay the price overpay for one.  Kinda like wanting something from Santa without actually even pretending to be good for most of the year.

Don’t worry, we fans have the attention span of a concussed kitten and have already gone through the The Five stages of being a Bears Fan: Anger, Frustration, more anger, more frustration, WTF and rationalization.

Here’s the thing:  Even if the Bears drafted the next Tom Brady they were not going to go to the Superbowl this season.  Even if the Bears could get in a Delorean, kidnap and sign THE Tom Brady, they would not go to the Superbowl this season.  Now if they got Bill Belichick that’s a different story because his contract with the devil stipulates a SB appears every 2.5 years on average.

So I’m okay with the decision to trade up and get a young QB that they can develop.  Note: I forgot to officially state it anywhere to prove it, but I felt the Bears would draft you if you were available because your name is as close to Polish sounding as you can get without grabbing someone from University of Warsaw and that could help him in a town like Chicago.  Unless you become Tri-fumble-sky.

Now here’s the advice you didn’t ask for.  Use the time you have to research some of the less popular Bears Quarterbacks (see the last two three decades).  See also Quarterback Controversy.  Pace and Fox say that Mike Glennon is the starter, and he is, until he isn’t.  See 2nd quarter of the 3rd game of the season.

  1. Don’t be a training camp holdout over money
  2. Learn to embrace the Media
  3. don’t commit any turnovers.  EVER.

Chicago is and will always be a football town and if you get us to a Superbowl you will be treated like royalty around these parts.  If you don’t, you will end up selling insurance in Ohio.  See former Bears first rounders.

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Chicago Bears: Pretenders or Contenders?

It’s a bit early to have visions of facing Peyton Manning in the Superbowl, but the Bears have surprised many fans this season with their 3-0 start.  The Bears have started well before, only to fizzle once the season brought on real opponents, or the injury bugs.

My prediction for this Sunday and next: Bears lose a close one to Detroit.  Then next week they shock everyone by beating the Saints, with New Orleans never in the lead.  Because this is what the Bears do, they win games they have no business winning and then they go and lose games they should have wrapped up.

I thought this even before I heard Charles Tillman was Probable and now I just think it’s par for the course.

I first became a Bears fan in 1995.  I wasn’t much of a watch sports-on-TV type of guy.   But I got into a Confidence Pool at work and figured the best way to learn about the teams was to start watching.  And for better or worse, the 1995 Bears team taught me a lot about how the pieces are not always in place.

It was the year they went 9-7 and missed the playoffs.  They didn’t win their division because of losses to Green Bay and they didn’t get a Wild Card spot because of a San Francisco loss to Atlanta.  A loss brought about by a field goal if I remember correctly.  It was such a painful loss that I’m sure I’ve done all I can do to remove it from my memory banks.

So while that wasn’t a good year for the Bears, it was decent preparation for a lot of bad Bears seasons to follow but it was a great lesson in how Professional Football works:

  • If you don’t win your division, you might not go to the playoffs,
  • If you don’t win the tie breakers, you won’t make the WildCard
  • If you are the Chicago Bears, you seldom control your own destiny.

Another reason I think Detriot will win this Sunday.  Remember the catch that wasn’t a catch?  Yeah Karma is gonna come cash that in.



Going back to that dream Superbowl. How ironic would it be if the Football Gods did have Jay Cutler face his former team, which is now Quarterbacked by the only guy to ever beat the Bears in a Superbowl! A fan can dream.

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