At the end of the movie Oh Heavenly Dog, this song plays at the end, during the credit roll. I could never figure out what the name of the song was.  I only ever watched it on free OTA TV (because I’ve never paid for cable) and they cut the credits before getting to the song list.  Granted, the last time I watched that movie was before the Internet was a thing.  Over the years I have made halfhearted attempts to figure it out.

All I could really remember were two lines from the song:

Goodbye doesn’t mean this has to be the end
When we return to paradise

Unfortunately, I was looking for a song called “Goodbye doesn’t mean this has to be the end” which is part of the repeating stanza (we’re back to that I don’t know the parts of songs thing again).

When in fact the song is called Return to Paradise.  You’d think I would have found it that way since that was another of the few lines I remembered.  but the internet was young when I first attempted to search for this and I seem to only make the attempt once a decade.

I suspect the last time I tried to google this song, I came across the Elton John video linked here, but didn’t recognize the song.  In the movie the song is much fuller and maybe sped up a bit. So I probably played a few seconds of the song, didn’t recognize it and didn’t stick around to hear the stanza.  Believe it or not, Lyrics to every song out there is more recent than you think.  then got distracted by cat videos.  Luckily IMDB is a little more robust these days.

And let’s talk about those lyrics for a minute.  Man are they Power.  Full.  The song is not just about have to leave a tropical paradise for the cold weather back home.  It is talking about Shagri-la, Xanadu and El Dorado all rolled into one.

I’m heading homeward
Leaving sunshine and heading for rain
But we’ll return to paradise again

I feel like I have just solved another Mystery of Life.

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