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Stop talking about the Order of Succession already

It’s not gonna fucking happen, at least not the way all my liberal, hippy, SJW and other left leaning friends think.  Maybe Trump gets impeached or is removed via the 25h amendment, though most likely he will simply resign first.  But if you think there is going to be a massive house cleaning of everyone from the President to the Speaker of the House, the Senate Majority Leader and the entire cabinet, you are either naive or disingenuous.


Let’s pretend for a moment that all the key players are involved in something treasonous and insidious.  That kind of thing would simply tear our Republic apart.  There would be no coming back from that and America as we know it would no longer exist.  And as much as I believe our current Congress doesn’t care about a great many things, I do believe they still have some fucks to give about that happening.  I have to believe it.

The main reason we even have an Order of Succession in the first place is because we need some type of contingency for the unspeakable.  Some rare to nearly improbably but technical possible scenario where a sitting president, his VP and some member of congress might die or become incapable of serving within a small time frame such that an election could not fill the gaps.  Some travesty such as a terrorist attack or perhaps an airborne pathogen that strikes quickly and indiscriminately.

The way it will go down is Trump will either resign or be removed by the 25th amendment.  Contrary to all the blow job jokes out there, Impeachment is a high burden to pull off and if there are faster means, why not.  Enough republican votes will be promised in exchanged for everyone looking the other way with Pence, Ryan et al.  They will promise not to seek re-election and retire as soon as this all dies down.   We will have President Pence for a couple of years, until the GOP can groom their savior.

We wouldn’t even need to talk about impeachment or other means of removing President Trump if all of Congress would simple be the adults in the room, cross partisan lines and work together to keep the President in check for the good of the country.  The problem isn’t that the Constitution doesn’t have a provision for dealing with an autocrat-demagogue president.  It absolutely does.

“It has a legislature empowered to remove him. What the Constitution does not have, and its authors did not foresee, is a provision for having a House that would watch a demagogue president, shrug half-heartedly, and say, ‘Whatever, let’s use him for political cover.’ The problem is not that our system cannot control the president – it is that our system was not designed to handle a Congress that has no interest in trying to control the president. The Constitution’s authors assumed, wrongly in the current situation, that members of Congress would not want a power-mad lunatic in the presidency. They assumed that elected officials might care a little bit about the country and any long term damage such an individual could inflict. As full of foresight and clever power-sharing arrangements as it may be, our core legal document offers nothing to protect the country or the system as a whole when the people given the responsibility of protecting it are members of a party so thoroughly rotten to its core that it is willing to abandon any pretense of principle if they see an opportunity to derive some benefit from the elevation of a wannabe dictator into the White House.”


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