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Bruce Jenner Fruit Loops Meme not very funny

A friend posted a meme about Bruce Jenner transiting from man to woman on her Facebook page the other day.  In the first frame, you have 1976 Olympic Gold Medal winner Bruce Jenner on the cover of Wheaties.  In the second frame you have Transitioned Jenner on a package of Fruit Loops.


Blogger’s Note: when I write about something I endeavor to link back to the source.  However, in the name of good taste, I’m electing not to provide a picture of the Meme.  Rumor has it, it’s not hard to find information on the Internet! Just type “something” into Google and see!

When I saw it I admit I chuckled for .2 seconds before realizing what I was actually looking at.  Maybe you have one of those friends that always tells a funny joke so you sometimes automatically laugh just before they actually get to the punchline because 99% of the time, the payoff is good?  It was like that except this time, it was more like “ha ha…record screeches.  oh that’s not funny.”

Spoiler alert:  There was a time long ago when I would have easily found this funny.  Not laugh my ass off funny or refer back to it repeatedly like “hey remember that time you posted the Fruit Loop joke about Bruce.”  But I admit I would have definitely had more of the desired and expected reaction that my friend was looking for when she posted the meme (she has since taken it down.)

I commented on my friend’s post with the following:  “That is so wrong.”

I admit, that was a bit of a copout.  Many years ago, for about 5 minutes, the phrase  “That is so wrong” was one of those catch-all phrases people threw around randomly that seemed to apply to a variety of situations without really meaning anything like “That’s what she said.”

I didn’t get on her case more strongly for a couple of reasons.  First, I hadn’t talk to her in person since her wedding and we no longer attend the same church and our friendship just isn’t what it once was a decade ago.  To be sure, another friend of hers didn’t hold back on his explanation of why it was wrong and I wish I had grabbed a screenshot before she took the post down.

Second,  a short time ago, someone told me that unless  you have been through the exact same experience “you really don’t get to say if someone should be offended.”  I’m not sure about that one. I believe I can form my own opinion on the things I observe and come to some intelligent conclusions if I think it through enough.  For example, I’m thinking I can feel sorry for a guy who lost his legs without having to first have mine chopped off.

Finally, I don’t think she truly meant to offend anyone and honestly thought it was just a funny meme about those wacky Kardashians and their publicity stunts.  OMG! what if they are setting us up for the Long Con.

On a serious note, I’m not transgender and this is just an educated guess, but I suspect the majority of the Transgender Community would be offended by that meme.

Meggan Sommerville who blogs at Trans Girl at the Cross and has written about many of the issues she faces every day as an Transgender individual.  I could not last the better part of an afternoon walking in Meggan’s stylish yet affordable shoes. Putting up with what she has to put up with at work and at church would crush me.

And that is why memes like this one need to be nixed before they go viral. Because while my friend and I have the option of posting a meme about a Kardashian going Transgender, making fun of it and then moving on, people like Meggan don’t get to just move on.

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