At the risk of sounding like one of those old people who doesn’t grasp the latest — hey you kids, get off my lawn — technology, I just don’t understand Twitter. When it first came on the scene, I didn’t understand why you wouldn’t just send a group text to all your friends. Then I realized that group SMS was just the beginning.  Twitter was designed for so much more.  Like most successful Next Big Things, has evolved over time and adapted much from its original iteration.

For instance, in the early days the protocol was to follow back anyone who followed you.  But since then that has changed from a almost permanent Reciprocal Follow to a more fleeting Courtesy Follow with a shelf life of a week or less.  A friend told me once that people will unfollow you if your don’t tweet often enough or aren’t interesting enough.  Talk about pressure. You get un-friended for posting too much on Facebook and un-followed for not tweeting enough on Twitter! Well this brings up two questions that were on my mind.

  1. If you have double digit following, how do you know who isn’t tweeting enough?
  2. Why would you follow me, and then unfollow me a week later?  It’s not like anything I tweet would infer that I am God’s gift to Twitter (that title is reserved for @JenRemauro.

So I asked those Great Oracles Google, Wikihow and my kid cousin. It turns out, like anything else, there are those who try to game the system. It seems the latest (or perhaps I’m just late to the gate) thing is to follow someone and then unfollow them for no reason at all a few weeks later so that you build up your followers while keeping your feeds clean because muting someone would be too much Level of Effort.


Finally, I can only ask that you follow me on Twitter @icarus2013.  I will never un-follow you (not first anyway) nor will I use any of these twitter reindeer games.


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