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Polish Museum of America opens new First Floor Gift Shop and PRCUA

Photo by Julita Siegel

Photo by Julita Siegel

If you are Polish or have Polish ancestry and grew up in Chicago, chances are good that your family dragged you to the The Polish Museum of America at some point in your childhood.  Depending on your level of maturity you either appreciated it or felt it was a waste of an afternoon.  The thing to realize is that if we Poles don’t start utilizing places like the PMA, they won’t be around for the next generation. Therefore please consider attending the following event.

 From the Press Release:

The Polish Museum of America cordially invites you to the Opening of the new First Floor Gift Shop and PRCUA / PMA Entryway on Sunday, January 26, 2014, with an Open House, 1-4 pm, The Polish Museum of America, 984 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, Illinois.

Tours of the new area will be given throughout the Open House.  Free will donations are always gratefully accepted.  Free Parking



 Komunikat prasowy

Kontakt: Maria Cieśla 1-773-384-3352 wew. 104

Muzeum Polskie w Ameryce serdecznie zaprasza Szanownych Państwa na Uroczystość otwarcia nowego sklepu muzealnego oraz nowego wejścia do budynku Zjednoczenia Polskiego Rzymsko-Katolickiego w Ameryce i Muzeum Polskiego w Ameryce w niedzielę, 26 stycznia 2014 roku w Muzeum Polskim w Ameryce, 984 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, Illinois w godzinach od 13 do 16.

Podczas uroczystości można będzie zwiedzić nowo otwarte miejsca. Dobrowolne datki na muzeum mile widziane. Darmowy parking

Photo by Greg Wiley

Photo by Greg Wiley

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