Types of People you meet on Facebook Marketplace

Last Summer I spent a lot of time selling things on Facebook marketplace. It was almost a full-time job. You have to snap pictures and put in a decent description. And as a best practice, you also need to include your general location because people just don’t pay attention to where they are searching.

I also replicated my efforts on OfferUp, which is the old LetGo, just more craptastic. Anyway, the point is, you meet a lot of interesting people who seem to fall into certain buckets.

Will You Take…

I know you’re selling this $500 item for less than ten percent, but will you take $20?

I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday….

Buyer: is this available?
Me: yes
Buyer: I’ll take it, address
Me: sends address

Buyer: okay I cannot get it until next Tuesday (It’s Thursday)

Do you take Venmo?

For a $5 item? Really?

Just in case you’re an Ax Murderer

Buyer: I’m sending my boyfriend, who doesn’t have a smartphone to pick it up. He has a dark-colored vehicle of some type.

I didn’t read the description

Buyer: Hi, I’m interested.
Me: great when can you come get it
them: where is address
me: tells them (chicago)

Them: Oh, I’m in Rockford, Il Sorry.

But I think my favorite is…

Just Checking:

Buyer: Hi is this available?
Me: Yes
Buyer: Crickets

In all honestly, I did sell a lot of stuff and made a little cash on it. A lot of stuff was also given away for free and that brings about another class of people I might write about in the future.

Stay Tuned.


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