Not what you think.  After years of sleeping on queen sized mattresses, my wife and I finally upgraded to a king.  The change has been amazing.   We now have room for both of us and two cats, although for some reason they still insist on sleeping in our air space.

Only one small problem: without a headboard our pillows keep falling to the floor.   As you can see the spot for our bed is tight and a king sized headboard won’t do.    So after some debate we agreed on a headboard style and I ordered a queen sized headboard.  Of course the minute we agreed on a color — Pewter, one of those colors not found in nature —  was out of it so we had to wait almost two months for it to arrive on back order.

Once it arrived, as I kinda suspected, the legs were designed to line up with a Queen sized bed frame so of course our King didn’t fit right. I had to make some DYI-adjustments — see below.


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Weekend DIY

How to fit a Queen unto a King


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