So I bought this Kenmore 4-burner LP Red Gas Grill w/searing burner and side burner at Sears. The regular price was $399.99 but of course they had one of their perpetual sales and the item was $100 off.

Here are pictures of me putting the damn thing together.


How The Grill was Almost Free

I had a eCoupon for $35 off a purchase of $300. The first snag is that $299.99 is not $300 and the online system isn’t programmed to let me slide on that. So I opted to purchase the 2 yr protection plan and a grill cover. I normally do not do extended warranties or protection agreements because they are usually throwing money away but Sears is awesome when it comes to tool replacement and I suspect that if anything is wrong with the grill in the first two years, the underpaid works at the exchange center will basically give me a new grill.

eCoupon Discount

I think also used some Shop Your Way Rewards points that i have accumulated over the years through purchases from Sears and K-mart. And that my friends who have my cell # have also used because someone should get the credit right?

Additional Discount

Because of my SYWR Membership I got free shipping on the grill cover and a discount on that as well. The cover was $31.99 but i got it for $24 because of my SYWR Membership and that’s about what it would cost me to buy it just about anywhere else.

I used $150 in gift cards. This included a $50 card my mom gave me at Christmas and gift cards I ordered by converting credit card points.

Gift Card Discount

That leave $98.39 for the grill itself. Luckily, I won the ChicagoNow Best Gallery Contest a few months ago and that came with a $100 Amazon gift card. Now I couldn’t actually apply it here but with a little creative accounting and robbing from Peter to pay Paul, effectively I had an extra hundred bucks to work with.

I still had to pay tax and of course the service plan and cover bumped me up but over all it was a good deal.


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Weekend DIY

My Almost Free Grill thanks to Sears and ChicagoNow


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