The back gate that leads to the alley was in need of some repair. While the wood itself was still serviceable, the gate had somehow shifted and it was hard to open and close.  There was also some wood rot and structural disintegration that prevented me from simply patching it with a few new boards.

I actually considered outsourcing the task to a handyman but it would have cost me time and materials way out side my budget.  The handyman suggested I just get a Fence Kit from one of the Big Box stores and cut it to size.  He said he could do it for $50 an hour and estimated three hours of work or I could do it myself.  Well luckily we had mild weather over Thanksgiving Weekend when my FIL was in town. Since we don’t have premium cable the next best thing is working with one’s hands.

The final cost of the gate was about $75.


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Weekend DIY

Fixing a broken fence gate on the cheap


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