Marathon Monday, Running Related

So long DailyMile, we will miss you

captu7reI’ve been using the DailyMile website to track my running since December 2010.  It was part of a pact between some runner friends to encourage us to run during the winter months.  3300 miles according to my profile page.  Before that, I just uploaded my Garmen Forerunner 305 data into some proprietary software that came with the watch.  It was relatively easy to use low tech, until Garmen decided to complicate the plumping.

In lieu of the expensive GPS watches, a lot of runners used a poor person’s tool at USATF. This clumsy website was just good enough to let you map out a route and share with others, although most runners, I suspect, just used it to figure out how many miles they just ran.

DailyMile served its purpose but it came too late to the game. This would have been a wonderful thing in the early 2000s when not ever runner had a Garmen or other GPS watch device and would have loved a simple tool to keep track of their mileage.

Had it partnered with USATF, perhaps it could have found its niche. Instead, when DailyMile came on the scene, it tried to be like if Facebook if Facebook were a Running App (albeit with better security settings).

DailyMile did (does?) have a phone app but it is horrible.  Too often it would lose the data from my run because it just wasn’t designed to pause during a workout.

The other week I logged on and saw this message.




I had a feeling this day was coming because anyone can tell that the site is sorely in need of code updating.  Apparently whoever is/was behind it, couldn’t figure out how to monetize it.

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