If you’re Catholic, Episcopalian or part of another liturgical faith, you might be mildly aware that Lent is around the corner. Maybe you’ve had this unexplainable gnawing sensation that you are supposed to be doing something or getting some ashes and when is Easter again? (It probably doesn’t help that it isn’t a fixed date like Christmas or the Fourth of July.) This year Ash Wednesday is March 5 and spans the 40 days (minus Sundays*) leading up to Easter. During this time, believers are encouraged to make meaningful sacrifices to improve their spiritual lives.

Assuming I’ve kept it this long, I usually give up my New Year’s Resolution for Lent. Heck, even if you are not Catholic, you can play along with this one at home. if you cannot give it up for 40 straight days, you can use the old catholic trick of Sunday’s being a reprieve**. Or, since I’m making up the rules here, all you have to do is give it up for 40 days total. So if you didn’t look Monday or Wednesday, but peeked on Tuesday, that’s still 2 days Mister!

**The debate over whether or not Sundays during Lent are actually part of Lent has been going since the 17th century when various branches of Christianity split from the mainline church over dogmatic changes and a particularly contentious game of Monopoly.





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