Holidays, Life Lessons

Why all the hate for the Holiday Newsletter?


These are all from one insurance agent!

Back in the days before social media, there was this animal called the Holiday Newsletter. The basic concept was innocuous enough.  Hello dear old friend.  I’m terrible at keeping in touch throughout the year so here is my annual attempt and reaching out and bringing you up to speed on what’s going on in my life.

I’m one of those rare animals that actually like the Holiday Newsletter or at least the original intention behind it: To connect with friends and family that you haven’t seen in forever. While I acknowledge the gesture, I hate getting a card that just says Merry/Happy Whatever and the only writing is someone’s hurried signature…similar to someone just saying Happy Birthday on Facebook.

But the Holiday Newsletter evolved from friendly Keep In Touch delivery system to BBB (Bragging, Boasting, Bullshiting) vehicle.  Instead of saying your kids took a liking to soccer, they were kicking the winning goal in the state championship.  Instead of writing that Aiden is taking piano lessons, he is a junior Beethoven.

You didn’t start a new job, you launched a new career.  Bought a new house?  No you negotiated the Deal of the Century, bagging a $750K 3500 sq ft McMansion for a song.  Your retirement accounts are outperforming expectations, even though the rest of the country 401Ks have tanked.

Even negative news got a positive spin.  Just got laid off, but more time to spend with the children.  Got an intestinal tapeworm from your Caribbean cruise, lost 10 pounds..  All. About. Me.

We need to go back to basics.  Just a single page letter high lighting some of the Life Achievements unlocked that year without any excessive celebrations in the end zone.  Can you do that Santa?

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