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The First Rule of Write Club: We don’t talk about not posting

Here at ChicagoNow we often get together in our Virtual Club House and talk about blogging challenges.  We give each other advice, support and suggestions for navigating the blogosphere.  That is before things devolve into a virtual pillow fight and soft core porn montage.

A couple of my fellow bloggers have come clean this week and acknowledged that they haven’t posted in a while.  Our Fearless Leader suggests not to draw attention to the fact that you may not have published a post in a while.  He’s usually right but was wrong once a few years ago so he’s due.

This is my one new subscriber!  (Photo Curtesy of Debra Paulson)

This is my one new subscriber! (Photo Curtesy of Debra Paulson)

Alas, I’m in the same boat.  Like everyone else my excuses are a mental cocktail of Lack of Energy, Low Motivation and Life Getting in the Way.  I’ve been a SAHD for the last few months and while that should have provided a boatload of material, it’s really hard to write with twin toddlers nipping at your feet, wanting to be held ALL THE TIME.

When I do get the kids down for nap, I have at most two hours to do anything that cannot be done with small children underfoot like shovel snow or operate heavy machinery.  Sometimes I even take a nap because Moose or Squirrel decided not to sleep through the night.  Some days I’m lucky to brush my teeth before noon.  A shower is a real treat (did I type that out loud?)  And after the kids are put down for the night?  My energy levels are lower than IQs at a Kardashian Reunion.

Blogging is a vicious cycle because you have to write consistently to build an audience but without any interaction it’s hard to motivate yourself to write to an invisible audience.  I’ve written 10 posts this year which isn’t bad for the 14th week of 2016 but instead of being consistent, those posts were in clumps.  I wrote about the cool things we have at CN to inspire bloggers but it’s hard to win best post or gallery if you don’t past.  Darn those draconian rules!

Facebook also does a fucktacular job of showing you what your friends are up to and when I see them liking a faceless Corporate Entities’ FB page, but not mine, I think WTF.

Youknowneen suggests it’s a honest case of “plain forgetting or maybe a ‘oh yeah, I need to like that page,’ and then never getting to it. ”


I wish I had her golden attitude.  I also hope my Writing Muse comes back.  But more importantly, I hope I can get my kids back in daycare soon.

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